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Intro8 Oct 2020 Editoralduction

        The NTUBulletin is NTUB’s only English newspaper, written and created by students in the four-year advanced writing program. The paper’s managing editor is Associate Professor David Pendery, and Dr. Pendery also designs the newspaper. The paper was founded by Dr. Pendery in the spring semester 2016, at that time working with a News English class in the five-year NTUB program.

        The newspaper has an interesting history. It was not always the carefully designed professional publication it has become. Going all the way back to 2003, Dr. Pendery has taught News English and Journalism Writing students (he was himself a journalist in the past, and has continued this work to this day). From 2003 (at that time at Shih Hsin University in Taipei), and into 2011-2015 at NTUB, the newspapers had a completely different feel and design. At these times. Dr. Pendery would divide the class into 6-8 groups of students, and allow them to create and design their own newspaper. This resulted in 6-8 completely different designs and content. Many of these designs were very creative, but Dr. Pendery noticed that when he gathered them together in the Applied Foreign Languages office at NTUB, that people were not all that interested, and did not pick up the papers. Seeing this, in spring 2016, he decided that a single-design newspaper, created by all the students in the class (many working in different writing groups), would be best. And thus, with some work started on design, and the name NTUBulletin decided upon, the new newspaper was launched. It was an immediate success, and as many as 50-70 papers were printed every three weeks (the paper’s deadline schedule).

        From there, students continued to work on the paper, even redesigning the paper into its current format in 2018. Dr. Pendery continued as managing editor, but in general did not often assign actual news stories, and students decided upon all of their own content. They wrote news articles, human interest features, translation work, art features, and political editorials every three weeks. Dr. Pendery noted the value of this approach, and how, although this style of writing was somewhat different from what was expected in ordinary college composition courses, it was a great benefit to students. He wrote up this analysis of the value of the class in Extra! Extra!: The NTUBulletin and Active Journalism Teaching and Writing published in the The College Media Review in 2018.

        And thus, this journey and adventure have continued, and students have for the most part responded very positively to this project. We all look forward to the future, publishing this truly professional quality newspaper for years to come.


NTUBulletin Managing Editor, Associate Professor David Pendery 

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NTUBulletin @ AFL 


Professor Pendery's daughter, Ariadne, oversees distribution at the AFL office news rack. 

Ari at newsstand