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About AFL

The Department of Applied Foreign Languages (AFL), at National Taipei University of Business (NTUB), was transformed in 2001 from the Department of Secretarial Science, which was founded in 1976. As a member of the College of Management, the department aims to develop students' foreign language skills, as well as their professional knowledge and skills in the field of management, English composition, understanding of literature and poetry, the fields of translation and interpretation, forensic phonetics and linguistics, and additional areas of journalism and news writing, drama, film, conversation analysis, rhetoric, historical and anthropological morphology, phonetics and phonology, and syntax and semantics. Located in the city center of metropolitan Taipei, students of AFL gain easy and ample access to exciting scholarly activities and ongoing professional opportunities.  The Department offers the following academic programs:

1. Four-year Bachelor's Degree Program 

This program is designed for senior high school graduates.

2. Two-year Bachelor's Degree Program

This program is designed for students with an Associate Degree.

3. Five-year Associate Degree Program

This program is designed for junior high school graduates.

4. Two-year Bachelor's Degree Program (Night Division)

This program is designed for students with an Associate Degree.


The department currently has 15 full-time teachers, including three professors, seven associate professors, four assistant professors, and one lecturer. These teachers all possess expertise in the relevant curriculum fields of the department, including language and linguistics, foreign languages and translation, cultural studies and creative industries, literature and belles lettres, ESP topics, international business and foreign affairs. In addition, there are three full-time teaching assistants, with university degree or above, responsible for administrative work and communication between students and the faculty.


Our approach to teaching pays great attention to listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation skills. The department enhances students' English proficiency by organizing various foreign language-related activities such as seminars, conferences, speeches and camps, and by providing various learning resources. The courses in the department are designed to focus on improving students' competitiveness after graduation, by cultivating foreign language proficiency and enriching professional knowledge for foreign language application. The courses are divided into four main categories: English listening, speaking, reading and writing; second language acquisition; business, economy and trade; and foreign language theory and application. Overall, the fundamental purpose of the courses in this department is to combine foreign languages with the practice and understanding of international business and trade, with the use of computer applications, and team interaction. In this light, we encourage students to take the knowledge they have learned in the department, and from there expand their futures by obtaining further higher education and involving themselves in modern-day professions.


In addition to two multi-functional study rooms, two lecture rooms, one professional interpretation room, and seven language classrooms in the Audiovisual Education Center, all classrooms are installed with electronic devices in order to support relevant coursework and improve the student learning environment. The goal of the programs in this institution is to cultivate foreign language professionals in various fields, taking into account student studies and needs, and enabling them to become involved in higher education in universities, other relevant institutions, and technical colleges.

To pave the way towards students' career choices, AFL establishes cooperation with domestic business corporations that offer our students competitive internships and job positions. In addition, AFL holds regular career counseling activities to get our students prepared for the job market. The department has also established an alumni association of NTUB/AFL, hoping students will continue to contribute and help their fellow students after graduation.