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Faculty (Full-time)

Job Title


Research Expertise


 Chiu, Yi-hui

TESOL, English for Academic Purposes, Writing, Pronunciation, Second Language Acquisition, English and American Literature


  Chen, Wei-yu English Writing, English and Social Issues

& Planning Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs 

  Shih, Ying-chun

Extensive Reading, Reading Strategies, TESOL, Second Language Acquisition

Associate Professor
& Chief of Language Learning Division,
Center for Teaching and Learning

  Guo, Siao-cing

TESOL, Teacher Education, Digital Learning

Associate Professor

  Chang, Li-ping

English and American Literature, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Literature, Native American Literature, Ecological Discourse

Associate Professor

  Wang, Ya-Chuan

Visual-audio Translation, Court Translation, Chinese-Spanish-English Translation, Linguistics

Associate Professor 
& Dean, Office of International Affairs

  Tony, Lai

Cultural issues, L2 Learning Motivation, English as an International Language (EIL); English Language Teaching Methodology

Associate Professor & Chairperson

  Lee, Hsing-chin

Teaching English as a Foreign Langauge, Computer-Assisted-Langauge-Learning (CALL), English Children's Literature

Associate Professor

  David Pendery

History and Literature, English and American Literature, American Culture, Studies of Taiwanese Students

Associate Professor

  Huang, Rui-heng

General Linguistics, Formal Syntax, Comparative Studies of English and Chinese Syntax

Assistant Professor

  Chen, Shu-ling

Technological and Vocational Education, Business Communication 

Assistant Professor

  Yang, Cheng-hao

English and American Literature, Literary Theory

Contract-based Assistant Professor

  Chen-Wen Hong

English and American Literature

Contarct-based Assistand Professor     Shu-wen Lin

Global Englishes, Reflective Practice, Metalearning 


  Loh, Jing-rong

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English for Specific Purposes (ESP)